Denver, Colorado – February 13, 2009

Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC has announced that it will conduct its three-week training class for entry-level government contract administrators beginning March 16 in Broomfield, Colorado. This class provides training and skill development for students to accept entry-level positions as government contract administrators – those government and industry employees who spend government funds, including the current stimulus package funds, and administer complex government contracts.

“Because of the high demand for people trained in these skills, we can guarantee that every student who successfully completes the course will get an interview with an employer who is actively hiring for these positions,” said CCS’ Chief Problem Solver Tom Reid. “With a federal budget over $2 Trillion and the addition of more than another trillion in bailout and stimulus money, both the government and its contractors are in an aggressive hiring mode. For a variety of reasons there are not enough people qualified to assume entry-level positions in this field and thus not enough qualified candidates for the many jobs. This training will provide the students with the necessary knowledge to obtain an entry-level government contract administrator position.” Students with more work experience or a college degree may qualify for more advanced positions.

The three week program covers the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), and best practices in contract management. The FAR is the body of regulations that details how public monies can be spent, while the UCC covers general business transactions in the sale of goods. Since approximately 50% of the dollars the government pays to its prime contractors flows to subcontractors, understanding the intersection of the FAR and the UCC is important.

Prior government hiring freezes, coupled with the retirement of many baby-boomers, created a significant gap between employer needs and appropriate skills available in the workforce. These skills are not generally taught in colleges or trade schools. Yet there are hundreds of current openings with the federal government, and probably an equal number within industry. According to the National Contract Management Association, a professional organization of government contract managers, starting pay can range from $33,000 to over $65,000 depending on other education and experience. Average pay for this skill set in Boulder, Colorado is $95,000.

“These positions are true career paths with excellent pay and benefits. And the government is generally immune to cyclic economic conditions,” added Reid. “While the necessary attention to detail, and the scrutiny given to the expenditure of public funds does not make this an ideal profession for just anyone, for the right person with the right aptitude, government contract management can be an outstanding career choice. Additional information about the classes, the instructor, and CCS, please visit the CCS website at

CCS, based in Broomfield and Louisville, Colorado, provides contract management, training, marketing, and mentoring services to the government and its contractors, including those companies that want to learn to do business with the government.

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Contact – Charles Moschel 720-254-7885
Telephone contact for interview with Mr. Reid – 303-726-8740

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