I’ve been collecting information on a variety of topics and written most or parts of about a dozen postings. In typical fashion I am having difficulty considering them “finished” and so I am sitting on them. That is one trait of mine that I really need to work on! So what I am going to do today to start is to give you a list of sites to check out. We’ll see if I get any others posted today. You will find each one enlightening and not very rant-ful. Feel free to comment on any of them here.

 For a really excellent analysis of the coverage given by the three major networks on conservative vs. liberal authors (gee…guess who wins!) take a look at:


 For a really interesting analysis of the “47 million uninsured” using the government’s own census data, which conclusively shows that the government and Obama are lying, and they know they are lying, they just hope not too many people catch on (the media certainly isn’t going to bring it to anyone’s attention!) take a look at:


 For a good review of the misrepresentations made by Obama relative to the two congressional bills dealing with health care reform look here:


and here:


 I found a kindred spirit here and you might enjoy her blog as well:


 This next one was enlightening and rather short, so I am copying it here for your enjoyment as well. Anyone take debate class in high school or college? There really is an art to how you present your material, and Obama is pretty good at it, but anything taken to an extreme is just BS and eventually it becomes obvious to everyone.

it ain’t the message

Associated Press:
…Obama is altering his message…
…White House is retooling its message…
…highlighting the upside of health overhaul…

Translation: “It walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck.  And beginning today, we’re gonna start calling it a chicken, because calling it a goose hasn’t been working.”

This is the same statist crap that it was yesterday – the same nonsense that it always is:  Politicians have decided what they want to take from you, and now they’re just experimenting with different ways of selling it.

Think about it.  The White House could be announcing how Obama is rethinking certain elements of his plan in response to public outrage; how he’s going back to the drawing board to address America’s concerns that the healthcare legislation currently working its way through Congress is too intrusive, too expensive.

But no, they’re not gonna actually change anything.  After all, the parts you dislike the most are the centerpiece of this legislation.  Instead, what we hear is how Obama’s going to start rationalizing it a different way.   

Obama already knows what he wants to do to you, and now it’s just a matter of coming up with a way of stripping your freedom that doesn’t sound like stripping your freedom.  I’d like to think that’s an impossible task, but then again we did vote for this idiot.


 Here is a good posting about the five biggest myths being pushed by the left – all of which are false, at least as applied to the right. They are actually using an Alinsky tactic of blaming the opponent of doing exactly what they are doing!


 And this is the best saved for last – I just LOVED this – Obama getting a taste of his own medicine. Very original and very insightful!



So there you have it – eight sites to peruse and enjoy. And then come back here and make some comments about them.

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