Certified Contracting Solutions is organized into three business units:

  • Government Contracting – Contract Management and Financial Services;
  • Business Consulting, Mentoring, & Marketing; and
  • Training.

By separating our service offerings into these three discrete units, clients can more easily access the specific solution to whatever problem has arisen or proactively address any area(s) of concern. We look forward to working with all of you to address your issues related to government contracts.

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Governmental Contracting

The Governmental Contracting unit provides expertise in all phases of contract management, finance and accounting for existing contractors, those new to the governmental world and those commercial clients desiring to explore, expand or grow this segment of their business.

Our Contract Management Staff of problem solvers can assist your business through the full life cycle of contract management, from pre-negotiation to proposal development, from award to contract close out. Procurement planning, RFP/IFB development, market research, source development, and proposal evaluation are some of the tasks we perform for buyers in the pre-contract phase. We also provide comprehensive services related to contract closeout and record retention.

On an infrastructure level we can assess your procurement organization’s readiness for a Contractor Purchasing System Review (CPSR), Accounting System Pre-award Survey (SF 1408) or Peer Review. We have helped organizations develop a comprehensive set of procurement policies and procedures, or updated targeted items, accounting policies in compliance with DCAA and FAR requirements, and incurred cost proposals and submissions (ICE).

CCS provides both virtual and staff augmented services on a temporary or outsourced basis or we can provide a staffing assessment and assist in drafting job descriptions and interviewing candidates for hire. If it involves the management of a contract, whether prime or sub, we have experienced professionals who can help your organization perform regulatory compliant purchases, or contract compliant performance.

Business Consulting, Mentoring & Marketing 

The BCM&M unit has been created in direct response to client needs and requests. Many of our clients struggle with the design of an appropriate operational model, marketing their goods and services to government clients, and most clients just want the ability to pick up the phone and ask a question – knowing that they will not only get the right answer, but that it will not cost them an arm and a leg.

Based on the level of service that you require, including the level of CCS expertise and the amount of time each month you will need, we can offer an economical and effective solution.

For those clients with an in depth need, we offer our Business Process Review which entails a review of existing practices and recommendations of best practices to employ. This can be combined with an intense financial system review to assist with the independent review, assessment, design and implementation.

For sellers we perform vulnerability assessments, identify opportunities, prepare proposals, and participate in negotiations during this phase. During performance we perform change management, contract compliance, and a vast array of contract management tasks, including those special situations such as terminations.


Within the Training unit CCS provides a vast array of classes spanning governmental contracting, contract management, specific FAR sections and DCAA highlights. Classes are presented in either pre-packaged or customized formats. They can be as brief as a one-hour keynote address to a full week of intensive training, depending on the topic and the client’s needs. Classes can be scheduled domestically or internationally, on-site with live instructors or via teleconferencing/web conferencing.