Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC, has volunteered its government contract management resources to assist the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) in its contracting activities during its Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Chief Problem Solver Tom Reid noted that while the most immediate effort is appropriately focused on rescue and relief, there will be a significant increase in contracting activity. “As we saw in Iraq, emergency situations provide no excuse for poor contracting practices. When you are spending public monies, the public has a right to expect that the monies are being used wisely, appropriately, and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations,” Reid explained.

“Our staff consists primarily of senior, mostly retired, contracting professionals,” Reid continued. “We have no heavy equipment and few strong backs, but we understand government contracting.” CCS signed up on the website provided by the General Services Administration for volunteers. Other contractors are encouraged to follow CCS’ lead by going to http://www.eps.gov/katrina.html. From that site volunteers can provide the appropriate contact information and available resources to FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, US Army Corps of Engineers, and the various state Divisions of Emergency Management.

CCS provides contract management, training, and consulting services to the government and its contractors.

Contact – Tom Reid 303-726-8740
Fax – 303-469-4233

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