PEAC Systematic Analysis

Utilizing our PEAC systematic approach, or Process Evaluation & Assessment for Compliance, CCS can interview your staff and determine what steps are required to bring your operational capacity to the highest level.

Internal Control Review

The increased scrutiny on internal controls to assist management in determining the reliance on the accuracy of the financial data brings rise to a formal review of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. Whether as a standalone review or in conjunction with our PEAC system, CCS can assist in the review of your organization.


In the case of some organizations, the requirement for a full training program may be lessened based on the knowledge and experience of existing staff. In certain cases, a Mentorship Program may be more beneficial to the individual. CCS Staff and affiliates have the requisite skills and knowledge to provide your employees with coaching and teaching that facilitates and enhances the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.


Many businesses desire to enter the governmental contracting world but have little or no expertise in how to accomplish this. CCS can assist with strategy and preparing GSA Schedules, identifying opportunities that fit your company’s product portfolio, or leveraging FAR Part 12 the acquisition of Commercial items.

Expert Testimony

CCS’ Founder, Mr. Thomas Reid, JD, CPCM, is hailed as an expert in the Federal Acquisition Regulations. As a Fellow of the National Contract Managers Association, Mr. Reid has been deposed as an Expert in regards to matters of FAR Compliance.

Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Many organizations recognize the need and benefit of a formal Policy and Procedure Manual, but have little resource to dedicate to a formal program. CCS Staff can assist in the drafting, review and implementation of a program that addresses process and regulatory issues that span Contracting to Finance and Administration.

Proposal Preparation

The knowledgeable CCS staff members are skilled in the preparation of proposal content and response. From designing a compliance matrix to the cost build/Basis of Estimate, to red/blue team review, CCS can guide the preparation, assembly and submission of the proposal.

Independent ERP Analysis

The Problem Solvers at CCS have significant experience in the design, setup an installation of a variety of ERP Systems. Additionally, the identification of problematic areas within the accumulation, segregation and allowability of costs incurred is critical in system design. CCS offers an independent and unbiased assessment of your company ERP needs in the near and long term.