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As I write this our new president is taking the oath of office. By the time I am done, we will have a new president. I use the terms “our” and “we” because under the American system of government we undertake a national revolution every four years – a revolution without the shooting and recriminations. We cede power to the popularly elected individual and the outgoing “regime” hands over the reins. Not every one agrees that this was the best choice for our country, but that does not matter. He was elected by the people of the states, the electoral college voted for him, and today he takes the oath of office. He is the president of the United States of America.

It is no secret that I do not support most of his views. I think he is simply wrong on abortion, the economy, socialism, and international affairs. I am intrigued how far left he was during the primaries, how centrist he moved (relatively) during the election, and how his initial selections for his cabinet have shown a continued drift to center. Maybe he will fool me. I actually hope he does because we cannot withstand another president like Carter, or for that matter Clinton. When Bush was elected through the same process in 2000, the far left screamed that he “stole” the election. I suppose there are a lot of ways to steal an election and I believe that organizations like ACORN are quite adept at doing so. But Bush won according to the rules, and the third branch of government ratified it. There was nothing illegal about it. Of course there are lingering questions about Obama’s citizenship. There is testimony that a court would find credible of those who claim to have been present at his birth in Kenya. This potential illegitimacy says nothing about the man or his views. It does say a great deal about how we view our constitution. If he was born in Hawaii, then there is no issue. If his parent’s declaration of his Indonesian citizenship was a fraud, an error, or his American citizenship was reclaimed, then there is no problem. But I confess that I do find it curious that the simple production of a single piece of paper would resolve this issue once and for all. So I do question a man’s judgment when rather than produce the record, he hires a bevy of lawyers to fight the court case. It does cause lingering questions.

So what if he is an “illegal” president? What if he is, constitutionally, unqualified? I’m not sure that matters once he is sworn in. He will be “our” president. I truly dislike the un-American jerks who touted bumper stickers saying “Bush is not MY President.” Yes he was. You were just too childish to accept it. Now it’s Obama. I’m not happy about it, but I care enough for America to wish him stunning success as the leader of the free world – a world that is much freer today than it was eight years ago. I truly hope that he leaves a similar legacy.

What does this have to do with government contracting? A lot actually. The Federal government is going to spend a great deal of money in the next few years. Some of it will be give-aways. Some of it will be public works money. And some of it will be the usual expenditures necessary to keep our government running. Some 480 Billion dollars worth each year just in procurements. Whether you support specific federal programs or not, there is tremendous opportunity for the business community. There is even greater opportunity if you fit within one of the various preference programs established by the government to encourage participation in the process by various preference groups. There is reason for hope. Maybe not in the manner touted during the campaign speeches, but hope nonetheless. Here at CCS we will do our part to make sure the procurement process works as it should. That the rules are followed. And that our clients have the best advantage in the competitive marketplace. Who sits as Commander in Chief is less important than that our American system of justice, government, and capitalist economy continues to thrive. And I am definitely on board that train of thought.

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