World Congress Convenes in Dallas

April 21, 2007 on 12:56 pm | In The Profession | Comments Off

This weekend marks the beginning of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA) World Congress. Governance and other meetings take place on Saturday and Sunday, and the Congress itself begins on Monday. Sessions, both plenary and break-out, run through Wednesday, April 25.

One hallmark of a professional is that they engage in continuous education in their field. The NCMA World Congress is the preeminent event of the year. It has the largest attendance, the greatest number of vendors, and the greatest diversity of topics and events. It is the one event each year that every contracting professional should attend.

 Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC supports the Congress both by attendance of its various problem solvers, and the presentation at three breakout sessions. These sessions include The Ethics in Negotiation, Six Things Contract Mangers Need to Know about Six Sigma, and The Role of the Contract Manager in Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Certifications.

It is important for professionals in the field of contract management to take advantage of these learning opportunities, as well as the opportunity to share their knowledge as a presenter. Writing an article for Contract Management magazine, or some other professional publication, also serves the same purpose.

Every contract management professional should strongly consider their participation in professional development activities. And if it doesn’t measure up – GO DO SOMETHING!! For those of you who will be attending World Congress, look me up and say Hi.

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