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There is concern about how the average age of contract management professionals is steadily rising. We do not have enough young people joining the profession to fill all of the needs that will continue to exist – in fact grow – over the next 15 to 20 years. If we do not act soon, we will only need to publish the FAR in a large print edition!

It is well known and accepted that there are very few degree programs that channel folks into our profession. The vast majority of us came from related disciplines such as law, accounting, finance, and admin. Much of the training that occurs is OJT, and many will admit that they wanted to get out of whatever they were doing and an opening came up in contracting. Not quite the well thought out career path!

Still, as our average age increases, what are we doing to entice more young people into what we consider our life-long profession? More specifically what are YOU doing?

One thing that CCS has started is to form two groups within MySpace. MySpace.com is a social networking site made extremely popular by teens. In more recent times it has gotten very popular with a more mature membership who are using the site not just for social networking, but for business networking. There are, as of today 19,899 business groups and over 164 million members! Those are pretty impressive numbers any way you look at it. We started two groups within MySpace – one specifically to promote the National Contract Management Association and one to simply promote the profession. These groups can be found at http://groups.myspace.com/OfficialNCMA and http://groups.myspace.com/governmentcontractingprofessionals . Membership in MySpace is free and all you need to get started is a digital picture of yourself (or your dog, or cat, or favorite
South Park character – people use almost anything!). Once you are signed on, look up the two groups and join us. We are trying to get some interesting dialog going there, and in the process attract some of the younger demographic into our profession. To do that, we need more experienced members to be in the group to answer questions, share thoughts, and possibly mentor others.

Do your part to keep the pipeline full. Share your thoughts on what else we might do to promote contract management as a worthy career goal.

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