It’s great to see how you take the governments’ recommendations, specifications, and write your proposal back to them in nearly their own words, then supersede it.  Totally reminds me of my stint in the military (Yes.  MI was far different from the usual army experience.  Excellence actually WAS appreciated).  Believe me when I say we consider you a god-send.  Our dad has always said the only effective way to lead is by example — and this team will, by following your lead, be transformed….Thank you for your finesse and willingness to serve with distinction.

Service Disabled Veteran client 1/27/03

Tom, As usual you do great work.

Small Business Client 2/3/03

[Our team lead] and you did a very nice job of planning the agenda and leading us through it–thank you both for your hard and good work!

Leadership training client 2/10/2003 

Thank you once again for excellence. [We are] working on highlighting and formulating some kind of templates for future bids.

Client email 2/17/2003

 I forwarded a recommendation to our contracts and audit folks…. We typically don’t contract out this kind of service, but told them you are first class if we need help.

Large business client 10/12/2005

Thank you for the material. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and material. You are one of the excellent presenters that has the type of presentation skills that could probably take dry material (after lunch no less) and still maintain everyone’s interest. That is an art!
Training attendee 4/17/2006

I really enjoyed your sessions and found them to be very useful.
Training attendee 4/17/2006

Just received your CCS publication – please continue sending these – I read every article – excellent effort.
Handwritten note from attorney in Knoxville, TN

Advanced Negotiation Workshop October 2006 Responses:

* Excellent presentation! Engaging and applicable.
* Fabulous! I would love to take his full course.
* Great info-great speaker.
* Great information! Very valuable.
* More time would have been wonderful.
* More time would help.
* Outstanding.
* He was great and the content was, too.