Thomas G. Reid, JD, CPCM

Mr. Reid is founder and Chief Problem Solver with Certified Contracting Solutions, LLC in the Denver, Colorado area.about-tom-reid

His specialty is advising clients on matters involving government contract management and regulatory compliance; negotiations; system compliance; ethics programs; subcontracting; proposal development; and legal compliance including disputes, protests, and appeals. He has over 30 years of government contracting experience gained from working in, and with, both the government

and its contractors in a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, services, information technology, and healthcare. Mr. Reid consults with U.S. Federal Government contractors on complex regulatory environments,

system compliance, contract management best practices, and general management, leadership, and team building issues. His clients have included companies dealing with DOD, DOE, FAA, HHS, HUD, GSA, VA, and many others. He has directly supported many government agencies including National Parks, Corps of Engineers, VA, HHS and DOD.

Professional Experience

After seven years of experience as a federal attorney with the Department of the Navy and NASA, Tom joined Martin Marietta where he rose through the ranks to become General Counsel and Director of Business operations at Martin Marietta Specialty Components in Pinellas County Florida. After eleven years of service with what had become Lockheed Martin, Tom returned to Colorado to support the closeout of the Rocky Flats site with DynCorp of Colorado. In this capacity he served as VP of Finance and Administration responsible for contracting, subcontracting, performance measurement, human resources, planning and cost management, comptroller and treasury functions, and supply chain. He then joined a smaller graduating 8(a) firm where he served as General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. In 2002 he started Certified Contracting Solutions where he continued to provide advice and counsel to government contractors and the agencies with which they contracted. Quickly becoming recognized for his ability at making the complex understandable he was often sought as a trainer and course developer for clients. One client asked him to assist in the renewal of its DOE contract funded at $500M per year. After successful leadership of the team and obtaining the $2.5 billion extension, he returned to Denver once again to serve a variety of clients.

In 2010 Tom joined Navigant Consulting, Inc. as a Director in their Government Contractor Services practice. In 2012 he returned to the helm of CCS and continues to provide outstanding advice, guidance, and training to clients across the country.

Mr. Reid is a dynamic, versatile, results oriented Executive Leader with comprehensive experience in business operations, management, marketing, law and adult education. As a Senior Manager experienced in strategic planning, business development, and management of multi-million dollar business operations he has demonstrated an ability to analyze for opportunity, organize for results, and implement necessary systems and policies for improved bottom-line performance. He has been able to develop highly effective strategic plans; consistently produce profitable results by combining knowledge of law with sound business practice and excellence in management of personnel. As an Instructor he receives rave reviews for his presentation and content in the areas of government contracting, leadership, teambuilding, commercial contracting, and business law.

Accomplishments in Leadershiptom-reid-ccs

Mr. Reid led the contractor team in management of a contract at a DOE site valued over $500 million annually and led the follow-on proposal effort that resulted in the award of a $2.5 B extension
Mr. Reid built a customer-recognized outstanding contracts department from scratch by implementing basic contract disciplines and formality of contract operations. He has been instrumental with many clients in creating process documents that have successfully passed difficult audits.

He restructured the financial operations within one company to create a $6M fund for start-up of new private sector economic development initiative and assisted directly in the creation of start-ups using technology transfer procedures to minimize the impact of a plant closure.

Tom led the efforts in the conversion of a CPAF Government contract to CPIF/FF resulting in over $20M in savings under a $128M contract for the operation of a government facility.

Mr. Reid has effectively managed various administrative departments and functions including those containing more than 200 employees. Supervisory functions have included Legal, Finance, Contracts, Comptroller, Subcontracts, Supply Chain, Logistics, Human Resources, Performance Management, Cost Estimating, Cost Management, Proposal Development, and Compliance.

Tom Reid is adept at successful proposal development and management to address government, prime contractor, and commercial client needs using time-tested tools to ensure complete responses and ease of traceability of all requirements.

He has assisted clients in the improvement of their contracting systems, including cost management, contracting, subcontracting, property management, ethics and disclosure, contract and regulatory reporting, and financial management.

Mr. Reid also provides regulatory consulting services based on the ever-changing regulatory and statutory environment of government contracting.

Accomplishments in Training and Education

Mr. Reid led the award-winning team that designed and implemented a staff development program in Acquisition Management, including complete revision of the Procurement Manual which received accolades from government auditors and corporate recognition.

Professionally, Mr. Reid has served on the National Contract Management Association Education/ Certification Policy Review Board where he routinely reviewed educational materials for content, graded the Certification exam, and served on the committee that writes the certification exams. He has taught undergraduate business courses and graduate level Administrative Law classes at the University of Houston, Clear Lake and is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society.

Heis a frequent speaker, lecturer, and trainer on government contracting, business and leadership, and has prepared numerous texts and presentations on Government Contract law and related subjects that have been taught in numerous professional, government, and corporate settings.
He is a frequently published author on business and contracting matters.

Mr. Reid conducts training seminars for contractors and the government on varied matters such as basics of government contracting, methods of acquisition, Federal Acquisition Regulation cost principles, cost realism and cost reasonableness, government contract law, terminations, uniform commercial code, subcontract management, negotiations, fiscal law, proposal development (including WBS development and BOE’s), closeouts, and commercial item contracting. He has trained project managers in their respective disciplines and assists in the teambuilding required between project managers and contract managers.


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